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Tutorial - Nature conservation education (EN)

This tutorial is an online course for teachers, trainers, educators, supervisors and parents! It will give you the keys to successfully carrying out your educational approach to nature conservation and, in so doing, train the eco-citizens of the future, those who will keep our planet healthy!

Start : 2024-04-11 Status : Ongoing

Tutorial syllabus

Module 1 - Learning to preserve nature

Section 1 - Conservation education: what is it about?
Section 2 - What are the purposes of education for nature conservation?
Section 3 - Why this tutorial?

Module 2 - Adopting the right attitude as an environmental educator

Section 1 - What are the benefits of learning in, by, and about nature?
Section 2 - The keys to fostering conservation learning
Section 3 - How do you reflect this in your attitude?
Section 4 - Do you want to succeed?
Section 5 - Including children with disabilities

Module 3 - Alternating different teaching approaches

Section 1 - How do you prepare for an apprenticeship?
Section 2 - Teaching resources and materials
Section 3 - What teaching method(s) and approach(es) should you choose?

Module 4 - Project-based learning

Section 1 - What are the key points and benefits of project-based teaching?
Section 2 - What are the stages in this approach?
Section 3 - How can project-based teaching be illustrated in nature conservation?
Section 4 - Why and how to develop project partnerships?

Module 5 - Assessing the impact of educational action

Section 1 - What are the basic principles of evaluation?
Section 2 - How to evaluate a project?
Section 3 - How to evaluate the training process?
Section 4 - How do you assess the results?
Section 5 - How can we capitalise on the results of the assessment?

Module 6 - Making good use of Youth Conservation resources

Section 1 - How can you prepare your educational activities with Youth Conservation?
Section 2 - How can you use Youth Conservation to run your educational initiatives?
Section 3 - How can you evaluate your educational initiatives with Youth Conservation?
Conclusion du module 6

Module 7 - Cultivating the eco-citizen of tomorrow

Section 1 - Eco-citizen and eco-training, what are they?
Section 2 - What are the values and qualities that make an eco-citizen?

Practical information

The tutorial is an online course which you follow at your own pace.
The format is different from our MOOCs, and the course aims at answering one question: how to educate the younger generations to conserve nature?
Price: free (including attestation)