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MOOC Conservation

Free online training for all stakeholders in conservation and protected areas

Start learning To follow our courses, you will need an Internet connection and access to a computer, tablet or smartphone.


Certifying online training courses for all those passionate about nature conservation. These MOOCs are eligible for certification

Our MOOCs are made up of videos, quizzes, testimonials, exams, recommended resources, etc. Learners who take the exams and obtain the required score (75%) receive a certificate of success.

Our Tutorials

A set of specialized resources to study each topic in more detail

Each tutorial is a toolbox for acquiring more practical skills in some of the areas covered in our MOOCs. Learn more

Our Essentials

Videos from MOOCs and collected by profession in protected areas: ranger, researcher, manager, decision-maker

A selection of 50 videos from our MOOCs, compiled according to your profile within a protected area, to learn what is essential in your profession.

Our other courses

Online training developed by other nature conservation stakeholders

These training courses are not part of the MOOCs eligible for certification, but following them will allow you to deepen and broaden your knowledge.