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Essential Manager-Law

The Manager Law Essential is a condensed format of the MOOCs and enables protected area managers to acquire the basic knowledge they need to carry out their duties. Specialty: law enforcement.

Start : 2024-02-05 Status : Ongoing

Presentation of the Manager Law Essential

Who is it for?

The Essentials are aimed at protected area professionals according to their level of responsibility or place in the hierarchy. Thus, the Manager Essential is designed for protected area professionals who need to plan, supervise and evaluate the work of rangers.

The "Law" speciality is aimed at managers whose main activity is law enforcement and, secondarily, the valorisation of protected areas and their natural resources.

What these professionals must know:

Leaders need a global understanding of how protected areas work, their characteristics and needs, and the issues that concern them. They are not necessarily looking for specific technical skills.

Goals of the Essentials

Managers need relatively technical skills, depending on the subjects they cover, but they also need to be able to make decisions, manage staff, measure results and assess impacts, so that they can regularly reorient PA planning.

Example: the head of the anti-poaching brigade can take the Essentiel Manager Law course and have the knowledge he needs to manage his teams effectively at his fingertips.

Course structure

When to follow the course?

These online courses are always available, and there is no deadline for taking them.

Content and attestation of participation

Each Essential is a compilation of 50 MOOC videos selected according to the target profile. There are tests between the videos (2 questions per video) to assess your understanding of the content. If you answer at least 75 out of 100 questions correctly, a certificate of participation will be generated automatically. The number of attempts is unlimited.

NB: this course is not part of the MOOCs required to take the Online Certificate of protected area Conservation exam..

Learn more

The development of the Essentials is based on A global register of competences for protected area practitioners. This document defines 4 classes of profiles/skills within the personnel involved in the management of these territories. We invite you to read this document to better understand the structure of these training courses.