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Species conservation

Species - animal or plant - conservation is a key component of protected area management. It is often included as a goal when planning activities, and is key when monitoring the obtained results and the impacts generated on the field. The MOOC’s goal is therefore to introduce the notion of species, what they represent within a protected area's heritage, how managers conserve them, what the best conditions are, the limits, the opportunities, how can they be used to improve PA results and so on.

Start : 2024-02-05 End : 2024-06-30 Status : Ongoing

MOOC syllabus

Module 1: Context

1.2 What is the species approach?
1.3 Definition of species
1.4 Species characteristics
1.5 Global conservation priorities
1.6 Key biodiversity areas
1.7 Protected areas and species conservation
1.8 Category IV protected areas
1.9 Category VI protected areas

Module 2: the IUCN Red List of Threatened species

2.2 What is the IUCN Red List?
2.3 The Red List assessment process
2.4 The IUCN Red List categories
2.5 The IUCN Red List criteria
2.6 Supporting information for Red List assessments
2.7 National Red Lists

Module 3: Global theats

3.2 Invasive species
3.3 Pplant invasive species
3.4 Animal invasive species
3.5 Climate change
3.6 Response to climate change
3.7 Loss of connectivity and fragmentation
3.8 Global traffic
3.9 Response to global traffic

Module 4: Local threats

4.2 Poaching
4.3 Responses to poaching
4.4 Harvesting
4.5 Marine species
4.6 Human-wildlife conflict
4.7 Species that migrate or move around

Module 5: Other aspects

5.2 Ex situ animal conservation
5.3 When to start ex situ conservation
5.4 Frozen collections
5.5 Reintroduction
5.6 Translocation: planning
5.7 Future/prospective

Course team:

There are many instructors presenting this course: Geoffroy Mauvais, Bertrand Chardonnet, Caroline Pollock and Jean-Christophe Vié, Nucharin Songsasen and many others.

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Practical information

Follow this course online, on this platform, at your own pace.
Duration: 40 hours of work online and offline (this is an estimate, the reality depends on each student).
Price: free (including the attestation).